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IT Systems

Information technology is vital to the effective operation of any modern business and is more than just traditional computers – it includes telecommunications, complete office systems, integrated voice and data, video, public address systems and CCTV installations.

Daly provides integrated business solutions for your company’s IT needs.


Protection of property and life is an ever important consideration in today’s world.

We offer a wide range of CCTV and security packages providing 24 hour coverage and emergency call out for your peace of mind.

Lighting Systems

Lighting and emergency lighting is an important aspect of any modern building in order to provide the right environmental working conditions coupled with life safety systems in the event of an emergency.

We install general lighting and emergency lighting systems ranging from basic manually operated systems to fully integrated digital lighting control systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

Safety of personnel is engrained in the culture of every modern business and it is of paramount importance that your fire safety systems provide instantaneous alarms in the event of a fire for the safe and timely evacuation of all personnel.

Daly offers a range of installations from simple standalone fire alarm systems for small applications and premises to sophisticated analogue addressable systems indicating the precise location of each alarm, minimising the risk to property and personnel.

Public Address Systems

Daly can install your PA as a simple standalone unit or fully integrate systems combined with CCTV, access control, fire alarm systems to provide a complete building management system.

PA systems provide a quick means of communicating with staff across work spaces like factories and workshops where people are often nowhere near a phone.

Power Distribution

Daly keeps your business running through the installation of power solutions that have contingency in mind, from the simplest power distribution networks to emergency backup facilities, stand-by generation and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems.

Daly tailors the system to suit the requirements of your building and your business processes.

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In Your Home

imageRenowned within the construction industry the Daly name is not often linked to the domestic heating market.

That's about to change as we bring our award winning, environmentally friendly, ground source heating systems to you - the person looking for a sustainable and cost effective solution to heating your home into the future.

Further information is coming soon!