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The theatre areas are naturally ventilated through air intakes which allow air into the theatre via heater batteries and finned tubing to raise the ambient temperature to the required set point.

Tight shut off motorised dampers adjust the air volumes entering the theatre.

The air rises through the theatre to high level exits through roof terminals (turrets) whose outlets are motorised and operate in conjunction with wind and rain sensors. The air intakes and turrets have high specification sound attenuators to remove external noise (like traffic, etc).

The building management system (BMS) monitors and continually adjusts dampers and motorised heating valves to achieve the desired set point.

A first floor boiler room containing gas-fired plant serves the auxiliary office and changing room area which are heated by thermostatically controlled radiator schemes, and the heater batteries of the ventilation system.

Daly continues to carry out the service and maintenance regime of the installation work since the completion of the building to ensure the air paths remain in excellent working order which is critical to maintain the performance of the building.

Client: Lichfield District Council
Principal Contractor: Interserve (Birmingham)

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